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According to some experts most analytics time is taken up by data aggregation, refining and preparation. The InspiredMetrics data platform does it all for you, allowing you to spend that time analyzing and gaining insight.

Built for marketing and business decisions
Tailored for you and your industry
Ready-to-use data on all platforms – desktop, tablet, mobile or print
No extra IT or technology costs

The range of analytics includes e-commerce baselines such as on-site session dynamics and click-through rate, but it gets even more interesting when you are able to dig deeper – drill down into marketing attribution models, revenues by each digital marketing channel or customer paths towards purchases. Have fun!


Collecting data is the easy part in a world where Big Data is the hottest buzzword of the last decade.

Sorting, polishing, scrubbing, categorizing, connecting and processing data is what does the trick on the way to meaningful data analysis and insights. And that’s where technology, coding and our data technicians come into the picture.

API connections, enhanced e-commerce data layers, tag management and automated data sync is what allows you to see stories and insights behind the ones and zeros at the end of the day.

Our technology and specialists give your company an opportunity to benefit from API economy and to use a truly holistic approach to digital marketing activities, including:

  • Customer audience data (Google Analytics, Omniture)
  • E-mail marketing (Mailchimp, Apsis)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • SEO (Semrush , MOZ)


We don’t provide you with dashboards, we provide you with industry-specific insights and benchmarking. We rely on technology to get all the loads of data sorted, stored and categorized, but when it comes to giving you strategic advice, we rely on the competence of our team of professionals.
Our industry-focused and experienced digital marketing team is ready to become an extension of your digital marketing team to achieve best-in-class results across European markets.

Our specialists can help you make sense of the full spectrum of data-driven marketing components:

(Tick those areas, where you want to increase your efforts. Then leave your email and we'll contact you to see how we can help.)

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